Corona: Plasma to start treatment under PCOS immunization

Corona: Plasma to start treatment under PCOS immunization

KARACHI: Oncologist Dr. Tahir Shamsi and his team have started plasma treatment for corona treatment under PCOS immunization.

Dr Tahir Shamsi says that with the permission of the federal and provincial governments, the coronavirus has started taking plasma of people again.

He said that permission has been received from DRAP and other agencies. Work will be done to get plasma in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa next week.

Dr Tahir Shamsi said that some patients with coronavirus should get plasma. This decision will be taken by the respective doctor.
It should be noted that Yahya Jafri, the first patient recovering from corona virus in Pakistan, has donated his capital to treat coronary patients.
A few days ago, the Sindh government allowed specialist blood doctor Dr Tahir Shamsi to use the Passive Immunization method to treat the Corona virus.

He said that PCU immunization was done when there was no vaccination, the method of PCU immunization has been practiced for 100 years to prevent the virus.

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