Jahangir Badar had forgotten ...

Jahangir Badar had forgotten ...

Remember! an in depth friend of the late Jahangir Badar wont to call him Badshah Ji. Badar had inherit politics as a student, so he understood the intricacies of politics. To be flogged in youth, to travel to jail, but at an equivalent time to find out life lessons.
The golden rule of his life was to always be oblivious to his leadership. The day the leadership felt that he was too old, the day of his downfall would begin. Following his golden rule, he remained a forgotten king in spite of all his diligence, intelligence and wisdom, and for this reason he always gained the arrogance of his leadership.

Respected teacher Ismail Bhatti wont to say that the bulk of the society is formed from average minds. Jahangir had learned from the recent and cold of the bad times that one is scared of the flood of wisdom and everybody turns to forget. I remember that in 86 or 87 A.D., at a celebration in Lahore, Badar arrived late, Mohtarma arrived first.
Mohtarma asked Badar, why are you late? Badar said very seriously in Lahori style, saying "R" to "R", "Sodi sard ... Miss Bhutto also had to call herself sard and laughed then did the remainder of the people standing there."

Former Federal Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan, who was elected from Gujranwala several times, may be a follower of Jahangir Badar but is additionally an in depth follower of his.

He understands the formula for his success in politics as explained by his teacher Jahangir Badar.

The story of Nawab Sadiq Qureshi is that Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came to Lahore on a run, there was a gathering regarding law and order. Sadiq Qureshi arrived five minutes and a half later, Bhutto checked out him with angry eyes and allowed him to take a seat down. Sadiq Quraishi understood that the "boss" had become angry.
The next time Bhutto Sahib came running to Lahore, Sadiq Qureshi, as usual, escorted him to the airport. Bhutto Sahib immediately noticed that Sadiq Qureshi had two watches on both his right and left hands. Bhutto was shocked and asked Sadiq, why these two watches? the solution is rot! Last time a watch cheated, so now the 2 are tied in order that there'll never be a delay. Bhutto laughed and therefore the talk was over.

Ever since this world was created, there are some rules and regulations of the court, and there are eternal principles which will be achieved by walking. the foremost popular principle is that there's no substitute for the king and therefore the leader. The day the king or the leader realizes that somebody is trying to be his substitute, he decides that this substitute must be taught a lesson.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto narrated the incident to Malik Meraj Khalid that when Ayub Khan visited Bangladesh , Governor Azam Khan had arranged a splendid reception. When Ayub Khan got out of the plane, the gang chanted slogans, "Long live Ayub Khan, long live Ayub Khan, General Ayub Khan".

Ayub Khan was just shaking hands with the people when the Bengali assembly started chanting slogans like Ajam Khan Zinda Bad, Ajam Khan Zinda Bad. consistent with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Ayub Khan didn't say anything to Azam Khan at that point but his popularity became entrenched in his heart, so he came back to Pakistan and fired him.

The second eternal principle of the govt court is that wisdom, intelligence and genius are only within the king. The history of the planet is filled with incidents when the king had his wise minister or adviser killed.

To date, there has not been one incident during which a forgotten adviser has lost his life. The bureaucracy always follows the principle that the credit for each good deed goes to the king and therefore the responsibility for each mistake goes to his subordinates.

The famous saying of Jesus (pbuh) is "Don't throw your pearls before swine" ie don't throw your pearls ahead of pigs. there's an identical proverb in Urdu, don't play Ben ahead of a buffalo. it's important for politicians and workers to cover their intelligence and wisdom

Just check out Jahangir Badar, he had done a daily PhD. He had become a Doctor of Philosophy but forgot to be a king. The limit is that he hid his illness like his wisdom and at some point he suddenly left the planet hiding his wisdom and sorrow inside his chest.

The stories of the past leave the stories, the success of mistakes and therefore the dislike of the elders continues even today. Tareen Lodhruvi was counted among the elders of Tehreek-e-Insaf. They wont to forget and tell the king that Tareen had done such and such work.

The limit is that the federal minister also wont to give an equivalent impression to the king in forgetfulness. A competent federal minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa said during a gathering that an in depth discussion has been held with Jahangir Bhai on this issue and a choice has been taken. Obviously, the king didn't just like the incontrovertible fact that the choices were being made by him. Where other things became the rationale , this was also an enormous reason for the race between Tareen Lodhruvi and Khan Azam.

If we would like to ascertain the successful forgotten king of today, he's our beloved Chief Minister Usman Bazdar Sahib. Forgetfulness on the face, obedience a la mode , shame and respect within the eyes, the impression of being simple, but on the opposite hand, he cleared the address of Chief Secretary Suleiman so neatly that surprised everyone.

The people of Bhola Badshah ridicule of him, they enjoy taking note of him in Islamabad and Bani Gala, but the very fact is that this Bhola Badshah has taken the helm of the Chief Ministership for 20 months and within the next a minimum of two to 3 months. there's no threat thereto .

 Forgetting is succeeding Like the school of affection , politics has its own constitution. The wise are driven faraway from the govt court and therefore the forgetful are placed on high places within the court. Sometimes a mentor becomes a forgotten king and reaches the chambers of power, but as soon together hears the smell of his intellect or wisdom, it becomes difficult for him to remain there.

 If we glance at the history of the past, the rulers and kings of the East were wise, then the time came when both the king and therefore the subjects within the West became wise and that they chose their leaders wise and genius while the East chose and put incompetent people on their heads. Times will change when Badar, Sadiq and Azam Khan won't need to hide their intelligence and recognition from their boss.

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