Medical diplomacy. China's new strategy

Medical diplomacy. China's new strategy

December 31, 2019 to Saint Joseph , 2020. this is often 80 days. Every single moment of which can be recorded in golden words in history. And lately , China's strategy are going to be a suggestion for each nation in handling any future crisis. The new virus was also unfamiliar to China. There was no vaccine. Experts from round the world, including the us , have acknowledged that the Chinese model of competition is deserve imitation, not only overcoming its own but also continuing to supply medical supplies and knowledge to other nations.

I also saw Mao Zedong's chain. In 1972, it had been agreed to travel with Bhutto. He also shook hands with Zhou En-lai . Then we saw the changing China in 1989. In 2005 and 2007, he also saw a totally changed China. the govt still belongs to the Communist Party . The party still aims to create socialism. But the stress is on socialism with Chinese characteristics. it's noteworthy that within the Chinese media, President Xi isn't only the President of China, but also the Secretary General of the Communist Party of China and therefore the Chairman of the commission . When this epidemic broke out, social distance and lockdown got top priority. along side local authorities, party workers and officials were also tasked with ensuring compliance with the ban. a serious Chinese Internet company has compared human mobility in January 2019 and January 2020. Airport Bus stand The closure of the railroad station made an enormous difference. These aren't strict measures If it had, the spread of the epidemic would are 67 times greater. And a minimum of 8 million people would be affected. The Chinese people also welcomed the lockdown. China was already a factory for the entire world. it's now become a 24-hour factory for the requirements of Wuhan citizens. Essential medical supplies. Mask Medical staff kits. Prepared on a war footing. China's speed is clear . how briskly the 1000-bed hospital was built. Full advantage was taken of the newest technology. Patient monitoring. Modern equipment was wont to detect the disease. a crucial aspect was that the news and stories of these who had recovered from the deadly disease of Corona were broadcast intimately . Areas of China that were safe from the plague. Trade there. Education. Business continued as was common , but the factories met the requirements of Wuhan residents. Doctors and volunteers from safer areas also visited the affected areas Keep rendering services. But with all the required precautions, it's worth studying and researching that the local administration also because the Chinese Communist Party are fully involved during this war. Initially, Wuhan's organization was somewhat negligent. But later she too remained engaged during this mission day and night. This collaboration of local officials and party workers are often emulated by every country.

The policy of the new Chinese leadership has been that China's dream will benefit not only the Chinese people but also other nations. this is often the philosophy of a road, a strip. China wants other countries to adopt the six points of Wuhan's successful experiment.

1. Notice should be issued immediately.

2. Social distance and control .

3. Examination of the overall public. Screening. Test

4. Treatment plans and research.

5 Resource allocation and assurance supply.

6. Central Command System and Sensitive Strategy.

A Chinese media think factory broadcasts interviews of 60 experts a day . additionally to Chinese experts. International doctors were involved.

Strict implementation of those letters and sanctions has given China a start in 30 days. Wuhan now has a perfect status throughout China. Wuhan is named the town of heroes. Where nobody , young or old, has succumbed to the present danger and difficulty. After this victory, the Chinese president, the Communist Party and therefore the officials didn't leave China. Instead, visits are now being made to varied areas to alleviate poverty and unemployment. and therefore the policy is that industrial production is in situ , but human health will prevail. This year, 317,000 college graduates are passing from Wuhan. Two and a half lakh of them are offered jobs. This announcement may be a good indication of how psychologically motivated they need to are .

After these successful 80-day experiments in China, from Indonesia to Canada, it's being analyzed whether the Corona epidemic will again divide the planet into two blocs. The leadership of 1 bloc will certainly be handed over to China. Who are going to be the leader of the opposite bloc? the overall impression is that the us will not be a superpower. Because President Trump didn't play the role of a worldwide leader or maybe an area leader during this medical crisis. The conflict has begun within the us and China over this epidemic. the ecu Union has not yet adopted the position of China or the us . European experts have argued that China doesn't want supremacy just like the us . China has recently made four proposals for the G20 summit. Strong determination to fight against Corona. Collective measures for treatment and control. 3. Full support of local organizations. 4. The message for harmonization of international economic policies and successful medical diplomacy is that

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