Where does Shahbaz Sharif stand?

Where does Shahbaz Sharif stand?

Since Shahbaz Sharif came to Pakistan, I had questions in my mind, I wanted to ask if he had come back under a deal. What is the purpose of their coming? Have they come up with a future political alignment? Are there really any negotiations with the Chaudhrys about the new league? How close is Shahbaz Sharif to powerful circles and how far? Who is the successor of Nawaz Sharif? What is the political memorandum of Maryam and Hamza and whether the Sharif family has made any decision in this regard? This malicious bale of questions was ready for several days. On the last day, I had the opportunity to meet Shahbaz Sharif. Just called a case off the record. Before mentioning the meeting, I would like to say that I have touched on the topics, Shahbaz Sahib gave the answers but I have written these answers in my own language, so if there is ambiguity, it should be considered as the fault of the journalist. I also created the question and answer setting so that the interest in the conversation was maintained. 
Has Chaudhry really got the issues to change Punjab?

Sharif family's past bitterness with Chaudhry has ended, the reporter told Shahbaz Sharif that Speaker Chaudhry Pervez Elahi called Hamza Shahbaz Sharif Assembly despite Imran Khan's stop, provided the best facilities for it. Shahbaz Sharif says that Chaudhry and his relations have become completely neutral, in which there is no bitterness, but there is no talk of reconciliation or political unity at the moment, although both sides find goodwill and goodwill for each other.
Is Shahbaz Sharif back under a deal! What is the purpose of their coming?

Shahbaz Sharif said that when it was announced that the flights would be closed due to the Corona virus, it was 11 o'clock in the morning in London. It is not right for both of us to be away from Pakistan in time ”. Nawaz Sharif agreed. It was the last flight at 4 o'clock, with a seat set by chance. I just took the necessary belongings, got permission from my brother and mother and arrived at the airport. The aim was not to be politics but to be among people in a time of trouble. 
What's the deal for a return?

Regarding the deal, Shahbaz Sharif said with a laugh: No one asked or advised. This issue was not political, human, it was a crisis. Neither negotiation was needed in this regard nor was there any such thing.  Shahbaz Sharif believes in the extent of faith that if the country is to be run, then the army and the politicians should run the country together. They are fiercely opposed to confrontation with the military and at the same time convinced to keep them from the army. He points out that until a month before the election, his powerful constituencies were meeting in the name of the cabinet in the meetings, two eminent journalists had brought him the message of becoming the next prime minister. He thinks that such meetings would also be from Imran Khan, but for a month before the election, it seemed that the next prime minister would be from the Nun League and Shahbaz Sharif was the choice. The real problem was to tell. Shahbaz Sharif believed that the PML-N did not get power because of the statement, but if he had power, Shahbaz Sharif could have solved the problem by playing the role of a bridge. Shahbaz Sharif's view that the extension of General Bajwa's decision to the Noon League was a good one, it did not completely eliminate the distrust of each other, but mistrust has already diminished and the impression of being against each other. Is also lost.

The most difficult and interesting question was the succession, Shahbaz Sharif said that his family has a tradition, Mian Sharif made Nawaz Sharif the head of the family before his death and now all such family decisions are made. He also decided to nominate me as Prime Minister instead. I took my two sons and went to Shri Nawaz Sharif and said, "Your orders are on the eyes but I want to be the Chief Minister for a year." So that I can complete the projects that I have started in Punjab " After listening to my arguments, Mian Nawaz Sharif accepted my suggestion. During his third ministry five to six times he told me that you now take over the ministry but "I would say no every time!" You are making it better. " Shahbaz Sharif said, "Appointing me as PML-N chief and then nominating for the next prime minister is a sign of the tremendous confidence that my older brother has had on me. I have said many times that I do not accept any kind of power I find in my brother's stomach, and I am aware of this comment. "

Shahbaz Sharif revealed that during a recent stay in London, he had talked to his older brother about the political role of Maryam and Hamza and said, "We are both 70,70 years old, may Allah grant you age. But like Mian Sharif, you decide about Maryam and Hamza, who has a political role. " Shahbaz Sharif said, "I told Mian Sahib that whatever decision you make, the whole family will act differently but you have to make a decision soon." In response, Mian Nawaz Sharif said that he would make this decision by returning to Pakistan.

Shahbaz Sharif is very optimistic about the future politics, he believes that whenever the next elections, the new league will win by a huge margin and because of this, they understand the failed economic policies of the PTI government. Regarding Nawaz Sharif's health, he said that 

Asked whether he should be sent to jail again, Shahbaz Sharif said, "I came to this thought, and I was worried that it would happen and I was ready."


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