Disaster came in many ways ...

Disaster came in many ways ...

Momin Khan Momin was a up to date of Ghalib. Both were perfect poets, but their thoughts and lifestyles were completely opposite. Ghalib was a bigot, an innovator and a proponent of development, he gave British ruler of Delhi, Fraser, the status of a father.

On the opposite hand, the believers had pledged allegiance to Syed Ahmad Shaheed, were against Sufism and against colonialism, and were in favor of jihad. Both Ghalib and Momin were influenced by the conditions of the Mughal court and therefore the British occupation, and their writings reflect the issues of the time. There also are letters addressed to Ghalib's believers.

Today, once I saw a ghazal of a believer, I found a poem and stopped. It seemed that this poem fully expresses the present situation of the state of Pakistan.

We would not be trampled only by the wheel Disaster befell our lives in some ways that's , we weren't only trampled and destroyed by the tyranny and oppression of fate and destiny, more calamities befell our souls. consistent with this poem, Pakistan was already affected by depression . an epidemic called Corona came from above and added to our misery. the rationale for this is often that the consequences of the policies that are being made stupidly will affect the longer term also . Are doing

A huge amount of Rs 200 billion is being distributed within the name of helping the poor. Such an enormous amount of cash has been spent on this by scrapping the event budget of the country. this suggests that neither roads nor water projects are going to be completed this year. there'll be no spending on agricultural schemes, even budget cuts for forest development and fisheries projects.

The situation of farmers of three major crops of Punjab, wheat, rice and sugarcane, was already very bad. With the suspension of beverage projects, humans and animals won't be ready to quench their thirst in summer. albeit the economy and Corona emerge from the crisis, the crisis of agricultural and rural issues will substitute front folks .

Couldn't find out if we would like to lock down or unlock it? Our financial condition was already very bad, taxes were being raised, the impression was as long as there was an depression but now the cupboard has been given Rs 200 billion in confidence and without sharing data.

It seems that as soon as Corona arrives, we suddenly become rich. Once upon a time, Rs 40 billion of the Benazir Bhutto Support Program (BISP) was squandered, now with Rs 200 billion being distributed, why is there no doubt? If the treasury is empty, how will defense, agriculture, media and magazines work?

In this age, another calamity is attacking with great force which is that the calamity of internal battles and court conspiracies. On the one hand, the Corona era goes on and on the opposite hand, there's an indoor tussle between the wise and mature Dr. Babar Awan and therefore the intelligent and resourceful Law Minister Forough Naseem.

Dr. Babar Awan has been the Law Minister within the past so he could also be curious about taking up the Ministry of Law. However, he has been appointed only as SAPM ie Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. he's not a full Minister. Will need to take it's also hot news that Dr. Babar Awan has received a budget of billions of rupees in terms of MPA funds.

On the opposite hand, Dr. Forough Naseem sits within the Wazir block till late in the dark , reading the file on the file, while Babar Awan is experienced than him in terms of politics and influence within the court, currently Zulfi Bukhari and therefore the Prime Minister. Babar Awan goes popular within the constituency on the brink of him, but it'll be seen whether Forough Naseem reverses the spread through his excellent relations with the judiciary or he himself becomes a victim of conspiracy.

Punjab, the country's most populous province, also features a lockdown and relaxation. the executive disaster that has been raging for months remains happening .

The outgoing Chief Secretary was Prime Minister Suleiman Kakzai. Interestingly, the new Chief Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik is additionally Kakzai. The famous principal of MAO College is dear to Dr. D (Dilawar) Hussain and IG Sheikh Israr. He has masters in English and literature. he's an honest man and an honest follower. Azam Suleiman Malik continued to figure and he was holding the role of leadership. Jawad Rafique and Bazdar Sahib will had best .

The disaster isn't only the govt but also the opposition. the matter with the Noon League is that it believes that the PTI's popularity graph is falling, but the Noon League has nothing to try to to with accelerating the PTI's decline. There are often no rallies and other people aren't able to leave for the movement.

The second issue is that the statement. Shahbaz Sharif wants to treat the Establishment with respect but it's difficult for the leadership which has been imprisoned for the last two years and has run the anti-establishment statement to form a press release of reconciliation. Accept immediately. Nawaz Sharif still has control over the rhetoric within the PML-N. Nawaz Sharif has been making statements to his party within the past also .

He also knows the art of appeasing the people of Jeddah exile by giving a gorgeous statement. On the opposite hand, he also knows the art of bringing his confrontation with Ghulam Ishaq Khan and General Pervez Musharraf into the statement. His hand is usually on the heart beat of his party. He doesn't suddenly bring out his philosophy, ideology or statement. They first collect bricks, mortar, gravel and cement for his or her narrative then build the narrative building.

In the past too, there are long and long fasts of silence on various issues. To date, he has said nothing about relations with India, including Kargil a year after stepping down. He expressed his innermost thoughts about Zia-ul-Haq, Junejo and Jatoi a few years later.

Economic, social and agricultural also as political catastrophe can come after the budget. The country's political situation has been stagnant for an extended time. This environment is conducive for the govt , the opposition isn't taking any action, the people are silent, the institutions are ready for cooperation, but it cannot always be like this.

The patience of the opposition is running out. The people are being crushed within the mill of things , the media is affected by economic hardship, if one class boils over, the remainder will all close 

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