I don't understand

I don't understand

"I'll tell you ways many liars you're . Will you bear my truth?" I read the message. I saw the DP. He was a man . I replied to the message. You just tell me when and what lie I told. the solution came after a short time . You said over and once again on television that Nawaz Sharif is extremely ill and therefore the government should send him out for treatment." This proved to be wrong.
Mian Nawaz Sharif got on his feet and boarded the plane and after reaching London he continued to steer and dine in restaurants. You and your colleagues it had been a deliberate lie. I smiled and that i told them, "You are right. it had been our fault. We were deceived by government reports. We don't believe the reports of state medical boards." we should always have rejected the opinion of all the main blood experts of Pakistan. we should always have rejected the media talk about Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid that she wont to do while standing ahead of the Services Hospital. Mian Nawaz Sharif is in critical condition. His platelets are very low. Dr. Yasmeen Rashid had once said that the Punjab government's plane is prepared at the airport. Mian Sahib's family brought doctors from wherever they wanted. we should always not have believed the words. we should always have rejected the claim of Prime Minister Imran Khan within the federal cabinet during which he had confessed together with his own mouth that I had examined Dr. Faisal Sultan, CEO of Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Dr. Faisal confirmed to me that Nawaz Sharif isn't in healthiness so we are allowing him to travel out for treatment.

And we should have rejected the order of the bench of the Lahore supreme court under which Nawaz Sharif was sent out for treatment, so I apologize to you. we've five medical boards, the Punjab government, the federal cabinet. We made an error by believing within the Prime Minister and therefore the Lahore supreme court . We, the media persons, should have gone to Nawaz Sharif ourselves, taken his blood samples, checked his platelets and sat within the studio and told the reality . "

He disappeared but yesterday a lady stopped me as i used to be walking and said angrily, You people have lied such a lot about Nawaz Sharif's illness. I asked him, "I apologize to you. this is often our The last mistake was, "We are now fixing medical laboratories inside the channels. we'll take blood samples from politicians there. we'll do X-rays, ECGs and MRIs. we'll measure the dimensions of their hearts, brains and lungs." then announce whether or not they are really sick or healthy.

Inshallah we'll also start corona tests in our laboratories in order that the important facts about corona are often told to the state and if possible we'll also install polygraphic test machines in our shows in order that the state can live. Who is telling the reality and who is lying the lady kept watching me carefully. once I became silent, she said, "You aren't joking." I said, "Absolutely not. I understand of these facilities from the guts ." There should be television channels, but we should always even have operation theaters in studios in order that we will do small operations between shows. They were angry and that they were before ptkty feet.

I admit that despite spending my whole life within the media, I didn't understand the expectations of the people about the media. What do people want from the media? On the one hand, things is that the facility is off, the gas isn't coming, the varsity building is incomplete, the road isn't built, the police don't register an FIR, the train, bus or flight doesn't run or the doctor doesn't see the patient. they're going to not contact the agency. they're going to call the media. Pakistanis are currently stranded in several countries of the planet due to Karuna.

What are they doing sitting there? they create videos and send them to varied channels. The channels broadcast their news and therefore the government sends them to Pakistan by ship in order that not every section of the country looks at the govt in difficult times. People on the Prime Minister's portal they are doing not lodge complaints. They call anchors and reporters but at an equivalent time the media may be a liar. People abuse us wholeheartedly. Why? I even have not been ready to determine the rationale till today. Mansoor Ali Khan is currently the victim of horrific shelling. Why? I didn't even know the reason!

I know all three of them personally. Mansoor Ali Khan may be a young anchor. he's working hard. he's employed day and night. I even have known Hamid Mir for 25 years. He was also my boss in 1994. I even have been his reader and weaver for 22 years. you'll afflict him thousand times, but as far as his journalistic career cares , he's a real journalist. I saw an in. moving from.

He is also the founding father of "Three Plus One" political chat show within the country and he has been doing shows continuously for 18 years. i do not understand why people are against him. Why do they abuse him? If they're traitors, if they're corrupt, if they're fake journalists or if they're blackmailers, then you ought to take action against them, you ought to investigate, why should they be abused? If there are not any journalists, then who may be a journalist within the country?

Why does one want to form journalists a warning sign? Why does one want there to be no independent journalists or media persons within the country? Even today, if you attend the journalism departments of universities and ask young media persons, they're going to all want to be journalists like Hamid Mir, but at an equivalent time, they're being abused. Why, why? i'm wondering who runs the social media campaign against the media and what's the advantage of these campaigns? you'll also find a report on the plots and accounts of journalists on the fake letterhead of Bahria Town for ten years on Facebook.

This report starts circulating every two months. My name is additionally included within the report. The report says that Malik Riaz had given me a house of ten marlas. I had also taken money from him to write down a book which money. Accumulated during this checking account 'A checking account is additionally written ahead of my name' I even have said thousand times, you ought to first check whether I even have a house in any of the country's Bahria Town or not? The second Malik Riyadh book was written by Abdul Wadud Qarshi.

His name is additionally printed on the book and he has also filed a petition within the court against Malik Riaz for royalty. Thirdly, you ought to also make sure checking account . you ought to see if it's really my account or ever in it. Two or four lakh rupees have also been collected? within the light of this post, the FBR has conducted a daily audit of me in 2013. Malik Riaz was also asked and he had written regularly. This post is additionally false and Javed Chaudhry is additionally accused.

Malik Riaz's letter remains within the records of the FBR. Journalists have also appeared within the courts for accountability and inquiry. Hamid Mir himself visited the Supreme Court and asked the court to issue an order to the govt . Release the lists of media persons who have benefited from the key accounts of the governments. we've repeatedly asked the governments to publish the small print of the key accounts. you ought to tell the state the names of the journalists who are taking concessions from the governments. Yajna who wrote or lied about money but so far no government has issued lists and no action has been taken.

Imran Khan is in power within the country today. he's honest and courageous. He can publish the small print of all the privileges and bribes of journalists. We strongly demand him to carry the govt accountable. He should issue lists but stop abusing journalists. Why? Because if you create it some extent , both democracy and a free society aren't complete without free journalism. You check out history. Every country within the world where dictatorship came has strangled free media before it came.

And wherever the planet has developed, the media has been independent and free, so you'll not be ready to keep society clean and transparent after defaming and polluting the media. 'Journalism and democracy go hand in hand.' Or not, so you opt what quite society you want? Free or slave! and therefore the laboratory left behind, we will, God willing, build it in our own studios in order that next time the govt won't send Nawaz Sharif out on "fake reports".

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