Thank you Corona

Thank you Corona

Uncle with rabbits, how are you? A voice echoed within the street. I searched . There was a gorgeous four or five year old girl standing on the balcony. I laughed and shook hands. We are famous rabbits in our street. Why? Because we've two and a half hundred rabbits in our house. They roam the streets day and night and three or four street children visit our house a day to "visit" them. We did this for street children two years ago. The rabbits were called.

The rabbits started parturition and our house became "Darul Khargosh". When the youngsters acknowledged , they started coming to satisfy the rabbits. the youngsters wont to visit our house before getting to and from school. They determine their own rabbits and feed them fodder and carrots. The children's routine continues in Karuna. they are available with their parents. They run after the rabbits and return home. the sole activity on our street was 'after eight o'clock within the evening from one end of the road to the opposite , but after Karuna the road began to vary slowly' until the month of March once I returned home to the entire street There was silence ' I wont to choose walks even on holidays when there have been no people within the street, the gates were closed, the balconies were deserted and therefore the lights within the rooms were off, but as soon as Krona came, the town was locked down and other people went home. once we were forced to confine ourselves to the road , our streets began to be inhabited, first the lights were turned on, then the balconies were inhabited, and now laughter comes from every house. once I leave into the road , the youngsters are running within the street. Or standing on the balcony and shouting at people passing by then laughing heartily.

If it weren't for Karuna, I probably wouldn't have known that there are dozens of youngsters in our street and other people sleep in every house regularly and that they laugh, talk and play such a lot that I hear laughter whenever I pass ahead of a house. I see people laughing, smiling, talking, joking with one another , and once I hear them laughing, I see blood rushing to my ears. I start to listen to sounds of blood within the veins of my ears and that i start thinking. Where was this life before and why were we living sort of a graveyard before that then I take a deep breath ' I search at the sky and say aloud many thanks .

If you're my age, you'll remember that in our childhood people were connected to every other. There was a television within the whole neighborhood and therefore the whole neighborhood sat on the ground and watched Waris or Fifty Fifty. The phone was an equivalent . It wont to be that each one the calls within the neighborhood wont to come to him and that we children wont to run in search of uncle and aunt by saying "hold" on every call Was

On the large Eid, a cow was slaughtered within the whole street and therefore the whole neighborhood would sit with the butcher and estimate what proportion meat would begin . People drank water from the road taps. They wont to ask him for salon. He wont to invite salon from anyone and he would gladly provides it to him. People would ask one another for garments , shoes and bicycles and ladies would also borrow jewelery. They wont to wear taxes and ask one another for ice.

Pots and fans too on the other hand times changed and each house had its own phone and its own TV, people took their own bicycles and motorbikes, curry became more cooked and begging became a criminal offense . They were confined to their own homes. that point was also a spoil. People lived in their homes but kept in-tuned with one another . They watched TV together. They came to the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They wont to go or get together on Friday or Sunday

Even if this series continued, society, society and residential would remain home, but we went a couple of steps further, we were confined to our own rooms, TVs were installed within the rooms, phones became mobile phones and food. We moved from the table to the tray and from the plate to the box in order that our life was limited to the rooms. It seemed that this lifestyle was against nature, so nature became active. Karuna came and that we came back to life once more .

We came out of the rooms. We sat on the balconies and began watching the neighbors. He also started gossiping and laughing. We are back to life. If you're my age, you'd bring your elders range in the afternoon, eat together, take a nap and sit within the doorway within the evening. you'll have seen him chatting with friends.

You may have seen the smell of food wafting everywhere the neighborhood and a line of smoke rising from every roof, and you'll have seen people share tears and consolation in people's sorrows and distribute the Sikhs to others like batashas. And you'll have seen people change, shrink and move away. I belong to the present age bracket and therefore the class of society that has seen these three reminder life. Also saw the age of the phone.

I also saw phones and TVs coming into every house and that i finally saw people collapsing and drowning in their rooms and that i am one among the lucky people whom Allah Almighty saw returning and returning in time. Karuna is our great benefactor, it's just his fault. If he had transitioned his mobile once, we could have lived a far better life. It are often spent with less resources and it's better than life with more resources.

He told us there was no point in running blindly.  What's in your accounts? what proportion land and property does one own? What country's passport does one have and the way far is your reach? It's all meaningless and useless. The food is what you've got eaten, the water is what you've got drank, the property is what you're living in and therefore the money is what you've got in your pocket, the character is in your hands. there's no greater blessing within the world than health and that we are on their lonesome within the matter of health.

A few days ago I happened to ascertain a woman affected by corona. the oldsters were standing on one side of the mirror and therefore the girl was on the opposite side. She was screaming. Oxygen was applied but she took off her mask and called her mother but both mother and father weren't approaching the girl for fear of Corona. They were consoling the girl from the opposite side of the glass. I touched her ears and Ask God for forgiveness.

Our reality is that we aren't getting to the funeral for fear of the plague and not even going near the people without whom our life wouldn't are . We were also told that human life is quite a race of rats. No, we spend our whole lives trying to find a much bigger piece of cheese than our destiny. We die of exhaustion and our cheese is eaten by insects and crows, such a lot in order that once I see people laughing, I stand on the balcony and walk down the road . once I see people passing by, I hear the sound of thinking

But then i'm wondering what is going to happen when Karuna runs call at June? we could return to our artificial life? Towards a life where there was nothing but running and greed. I shudder at the thought and that i get scared. I searched at the girl. Putting his hands on his ears, he made a rabbit-like shape and began making loud noises. The girl laughed loudly and therefore the whole street shone with the laughter of the girl.

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